Health Benefits Of Organic Foods

The demand for organic foods has been growing. People now understand the dangers of chemicals used to grow farm produces. While organically grown foods are sold at a premium, the cost is worth it because of the health benefits. Such foods are healthier compared to the conventional foods. Organic foods are grown without using synthetic chemicals. The term organic is not limited only to the farm produces; it even extends to the dairy and meat products. Animals reared on organic foods are considered safer sources of meats and dairy products. Some food manufacturers have gone one step ahead and offer organic food products that have been produced ethically. They ensure the people involved in growing the foods are paid fair wages and treated fairly. There are many health benefits of organic foods.

No Synthetic Chemicals

Conventional farm produces are grown using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Different types of insect repellents, pest repellents and other chemicals are used to protect the farm produces during the storage period. On the other hand, organic foods are grown naturally with the help of natural fertilizers and pesticides. A variety of techniques that help avoid use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used. It means higher quality foods that are free of toxic chemicals.

Wholesome Nutrition

Most farm produces now look good and last for a very long time even without the use of preservatives and refrigeration. While it may seem an advantage, these food items are not good for health because they are grown with the help of chemicals and genetically modified seeds. The vegetables and fruits grown this way may look perfect but they lack the nutrients for which they are known. People consuming such farm produces do not get all essential nutrients. Organic foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Avoid Illnesses

There is a long list of illnesses caused by infected foods. Non-organic meats and dairy products are main causes of these illnesses. Farmers use lots of antibiotics, hormones and medicines to ensure healthy livestock. When meats and milks of these animals are consumed, traces of all chemicals used to treat their medical and health conditions carry forward and enter the human body. These problems can be avoided to a great extent by consuming only organic meats and dairy products.

Organic foods are good not only for the health but also for the environment. Massive amounts of chemicals are used to produce fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. All these chemicals enter the fields every year. Traces of these chemicals seep into the ground and contaminate the underground drinking water. These problems can be avoided if more and more people start consuming organic foods.